lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008

Daïtro - Laissez Vivre Les Squelettes

Año/Year: 2005
Pais/Country: Francia

1. Laissez Vivre Les Squelettes
2. Chaque Seconde
3. Les Orbites En Eveil
4. Nous Sommes D'ici
5. Comme Du Papier
6. Pourquoi Les Inconnus Restent-Ils Inconnus?
7. Trois Murs Pour La Salle De Torture
8. Se Noyer, S'oublier, Regarder Partir

Daïtro - Des Cendres, Je Me Consumme

Año/Year: 2003
Pais/Country: Francia

Mon Corps
Mes Chiffres
Mon Insomnie
Les Slogans Uniformes
Des Cendres
Je Me Consumme

ActionReaction - 3 Is The Magic Number

Año/Year: 2006
Pais/Country: Verona, New Jersey, USA

1. Sinner's Algebra
2. Can You Hear The Sun?
3. March On
4. At The Moon
5. Come See My Grave
6. The Exit Poll Amen
7. Contagious
8. With My Voice
9. The 21 Gun Salute
10. Have a Cocktail
11. Spark The Sun

Dance Gavin Dance - Downtown Battle Mountain

Año/Year: 2007
Pais/Country: SACRAMENTO, California, USA

1. Untitled
2. And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman
3. It's Safe To Say You Dig The Back Seat
4. Strawberry André
5. Lemon Meringue Tie
6. The Backwards Pumpkin Song
7. Antlion
8. Turn Off The Lights I'm Watching Back To The Future
9. Open Your Eyes And Look North
10. Surprise! I'm From Cuba, Everyone Has One Brain
11. 12 Hours, 630 Miles

The Torture Of Comacine - Enscribed

Año/Year: 2008
Website: Photobucket
Pais/Country: Leeds, UK

01 Deaths Embrace
02 Bring This Situation to a Hold
03 Structural Failure
04 So Elegantly Scribed
05 The Coriolis Effect

Beastie Boys - Aglio E Olio EP

Año/Year: 1995
Pais/Country: NEW YORK, USA

1. Brand New
2. Real With It
3. Believe Me
4. Nervous Assistant
5. Square Wave in Unison
6. You Catch a Bad One
7. I Can't Think Straight
8. I Want Some