jueves, 24 de enero de 2008

Our Last Night - Building Cities From Scratch


Abominable Putridity - In The End Of Human Existence


As Blood Runs Black - Allegiance

Año/Year: 2007
Website: http://www.myspace.com/asbloodrunsblack
País/Country: Los Angeles County, California, USA
Genero/Genre: Deathcore, Metal

1. Intro
2. In Dying Days
3. My Fears Have Become Phobias
4. Hester Prynne
5. Pouring Reign
6. The Brighter Side Of Suffering
7. The Beautiful Mistake
8. Chug Chug
9. Beneath The Surface
10. Legends Never Die


From The Carnival Of Horrors - As Mankind Engulfs Itself In Flames


Godless Crusade - Dawn Of The Last Day