domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

Harp And Lyre - Harp And Lyre EP


Año/Year: 2009
País/Country: Oklahoma City, USA
Genero/Genre: Post-Hardcore, Christian

01 Grizzly Adams Did Have A Beard
02 Disregard The Formula
03 Psalms 150
04 The World Doesn't Revolve Around You, It Revolves Around The Sun
05 Cowboy J, The Beatnik
06 Bare Knuckles Meets The Source Of The Problem
07 Judas Visits Temptation Island

The Year Ends In Arson - Vessels


Año/Year: 2009
País/Country: Orlando, FL, USA
Genero/Genre: Post-Hardcore, Metalcore

01. Intro
02. Vessels
03. For The Love Of
04. In The Fire Of 93'
05. In The Blink Of A Heart
06. It'll Ruin Em'
07. Once More With Feeling
08. Whispers
09. Call To Arms
10. I Can't Wake Up

Rose Funeral - The Resting Sonata


Año/Year: 2009
País/Country: Cincinnati, Ohio
Genero/Genre: Death Metal, Deathcore

01 Exordium: The Fall Of Christ
02 Sodomizer
03 God Demise
04 Remain In Dirt
05 Left To Rot
06 The Resting Sonata
07 Redeemer Of Flesh
08 Created To Kill
09 Embalming The Masses
10 Buried Beneath
11 Dawning The Resurrection: Verse II