martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

Holding Onto Hope - Of The Sea...


Año/Year: 2009
País/Country: USA
Genero/Genre: Ambient, Post-Hardcore

01 Of the Sea
02 We are the Beacons
03 Departure
04 Between Failure and Fraud
05 Speak Your Words
06 The Stillness
07 What you make of me
08 Bounded by the devil and the deep
09 The Watchman
10 The Keeper and The Calm
11 Your Path Was In The Great Waters

Far Above - Tension in Bloom


Año/Year: 2009
País/Country: Suecia
Genero/Genre: Post-Hardcore, Ambient, Rock

01 Origin
02 Remedy by Reduction
03 Paper Walls
04 A Curse (The Tainted Legacy pt.I)
05 A Blessing (The Tainted Legacy pt.II)
06 Machinery
07 Remembrance; Square One