jueves, 23 de abril de 2009

Dinosaurs like Guccipants - You and the City!


Año/Year: 2009
Website: http://www.myspace.com/DinosaureslikeGuccipants

País/Country:  Bayern, Alemania
Genero/Genre: Electro/Experimental/Hardcore

01  Clear Air Turbulence
02  Cocktailparty until tomorrow
03  I am the Headline
04  Its raining, now you are alone
05  My shadow tries to fly away
06  Streetcar vs. Spacerocket
07  Yeah! The new Computerstore
08  Morphodrome
09  love me baby, shorter
10  Gone astrey in Los Angeles
11  Cold Mountain Island
12  You should never eat Dextro-Energyy
13  The next Train has been cancled
14  24/7 Poppers