viernes, 11 de enero de 2008

Outsmarting Simon - Stand Up Straight

Año/Year: 2005
Pais/Country: New Brunswick, NEW JERSEY, USA

01 Number Two
02 Thirty-Third and Lexington
03 The Cusp Of Carabella
04 On the Psalms of Many
05 Consciously Quiet
06 The Passing
07 The Low
08 By Way of Rope and Razor
09 Falling or Flying
10 Je Seul Me Tiens
11 A Fall in Slow Motion
12 Clear on Through Kansas

No Innocent Victim - Flesh & Blood

Love Lost But Not Forgotten - Upon The Night, I Saw A New Misery

Pistolita - Oliver Under The Moon

Indecision - Release The Cure

1. Higher Side of Low
2. May Be Monitored to Assure Quality Control
3. Release the Cure
4. Through the Wasteland Go Searching We
5. Tunnel Vision
6. Burning Saints
7. Crawling
8. Save Me
9. Dead
10. Suspension of Disbelief
11. At the Wake
12. This Time Tomorrow
13. End of a Short Rope

Guttural Engorgement - The Slow Decay Of Infested Flesh (Limted Edition)

The Slow Decay Of Infested Flesh
Job For A Hammer
Bile Defilement
Steak Knife Face Fuck
Cadaveric Maggot Copulation
Omnipresent Ecchymosis
Cinder Block Facial Reconstruction
Molested Dissection
Chopsaw Sodomy
Gangrenous Torso Fermentation
Wretched Sacrament

Versus The Mirror - Home

1. Birthed By Architecture
2. Smoke It To The Rope
3. Barracuda Capital Of The World
4. Great White Zombie
5. Life As A Criminal
6. The Sound Asleep
7. Out Of Context
8. Let's Get Alone
9. Boy Gets What He Wants
10. Fear Will Keep Them In Line
11. Home
12. (I Am) The Master Of Gravity