viernes, 7 de marzo de 2008

Earth From Above - Partakers

01 Intro
02 The Death of Ignorance
03 Vital Signs of A Rude Awakening
04 Led Away To Be Executed
05 Partakers
06 Fatum

Ends With An Enemy - Ends With An Enemy (EP)

01 Intro
02 Condemned
03 Acrimony
04 Postmortem
05 Abomination and...

Audience Of One - I Remember When This All Meant Something

Año/Year: 2000
Pais/Country: California, USA

01 Show Your Teeth (feat. anthony green)
02 The Icarus Ambition (feat. anthony green)
03 This Night Has Opened My Eyes (feat. anthony green)
04 350 Miles (feat. anthony green)
05 Ishmael
06 La Muchila
07 I Remember When This All Meant Something
08 Flowers Fists And Beastial Wail
09 Saosin
10 Track Ten

Rx Bandits - Those Damn Bandits

Teen Idol
I Will Live
Valentine's Day
Too Tone
I Don't Care