viernes, 14 de marzo de 2008

Moneen - The Theory of Harmonial Value

Año/Year: 2001
Pais/Country: Toronto, CANADA

1. The Start To This May Be The End To Another
2. A Realization Of How It's Always Been
3. What Did You Say?... I'm Sorry, My Eyes Are On Fire
4. Half Empty? Half Full? I Never Got A Glass To Start With
5. What The Weatherman Forgot To Tell You
6. No Better Way To Show Your Love Than A Set Of Broken Legs
7. Why Bother Wondering When Wondering's All You Got
8. The Passing Of America
9. I Wish I Was There To See The Way It Was Supposed To Be
10. Tonight, I'm Gone
11. (untitled) - (hidden track)

Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today

1. New Direction
2. Stand Still
3. Degradation
4. Good Intentions
5. Forgotten
6. Things We Say
7. Start Today
8. Two Sides
9. First Failure
10. Competition
11. Time Flies
12. Cats And Dogs

Dead Again - Monolith

1 Dawn of Man
2 In Years
3 Dosage
4 The Matador, Me
5 Auto Icon
6 Fiver
7 Trimester
8 Help Me, Computer
9 Perihelion / Aphelion
10 Beyond The Infinite

I Hate Sally - Don't Worry Lady

1. Eve, Rule Over Him
2. Song for Deborah
3. Hannah Hannah
4. Martha Served
5. Iseah's rife
6. Iseah's Cancer
7. Bathsheba of Seven
8. Mary! Mary!
9. Anna's empty conscious for the blessed
10. Eve, be dear to him

Rufio - MCMLXXXV (1985)

02.White Lights
03.Science Fiction
04.Why Wait
05.We Exist
06.Follow Me
08.Set It Off
12.Over It