martes, 1 de abril de 2008

Funeral Diner - Is Dead

Año/Year: 2003
Pais/Country: San Francisco, USA

01 Yeah, You Remember That
02 A True Triumph Of Man VS. Machine
03 Welcome To My Book Collection
04 Chameleon
05 Wearing Thin
06 City Of Webs
07 Shifting
08 This Truly Is God's Country
09 Let Me Get A Few Practice Stabs

Funeral Diner - Difference Of Potential

Año/Year: 2002
Pais/Country: San Francisco, USA

1) Syncope
2) Direct Hit
3) Lackluster
4) There Is No Today's Today, So There Will Be No Yesterday's Tomorrow
5) I Wish I Could Do The Backstroke
6) Chalk angels
7) Paper
8) Fire... Death

Funeral Diner - Doors Open

Año/Year: 2007
Pais/Country: San Francisco, USA

01 This Wrath
02 Carved from Stone
03 Neither Option
04 Head of Vecha
05 This Optimism

City Of Caterpillar - City Of Caterpillar

Año/Year: 2002

1. And You're Wondering How a Top Floor Could Replace Heaven
2. Heart Filled Reaction to Dissatisfaction
3. Minuite-House-Day-Week-Month-Year- (The Faiths in My Chest)
4. Fucking Hero
5. When Was the Last Time We Painted Over the Blood on the Walls
6. Little Change Could Go a Long Ways
7. Maybe They'll Gnaw Right Through