martes, 20 de mayo de 2008

Confide - Introduction

Año/Year: 2006
Pais/Country: Los Angeles, USA

01 Dead Letter
02 Too Many GrassHoppers To Maintain
03 The Architect
04 The Difference Between A Whisper
05 In Reference To Something Greater

The Hope And The Failure - The Lights Are On But This Dance Never Ends

Año/Year: 2006
Pais/Country: Stockholm, Stockholms Län,

01 Intro
02 Violet
03 I'm Really Glad He Didn't Say Tha
04 The Lights Are On
05 Embrace
06 Prozac Hell

The Sons Of Saturn - You'll Never Want To Do Anything Else Ever Again

Año/Year: 2006
Pais/Country: Lyon,

01 Even Seventh Heaven
02 On The Pavement
03 Dog Tired
04 Toro Stereo
05 So Ran And Still...
06 Objects In Mirror Are Doser Than
07 One Time For All
08 Austin
09 Mimic Behavior
10 For Eternity

Folly - Insanity Later

Año/Year: 2004
Pais/Country: Sussex, New Jersey, USA

1. The Morning Song
2. Please Don't Shoot the Piano Player, He's Doing the Best He Can
3. Repeat, I Repeat, Repeat
4. I've Been Running For Miles, Davis
5. Discussions Is For Pigs
6. The Last I Ever We Wrote
7. Pterodactyls in America
8. Serenity Now
9. Today Jeremy Challenges the World
10. Yhe City Is Drowning
11. Sweat Water Death
12. Weak and the Wounded