viernes, 3 de abril de 2009

As Hell Retreats - Catharsis

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Año/Year: 2008
País/Country: Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA
Genero/Genre: Deathcore, Metalcore

01 A Man's Figment
02 Relinquishes Lead To Worse
03 Reticent
04 Acknowledgement For The Aperture
05 Catharsis

Miss May I - Demo

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Año/Year: 2008
País/Country: Troy, Ohio, USA
Genero/Genre: Deathcore, Metalcore, Post-Hardcore

01 Arms Of The Messiah
02 Tides
03 No Need To Whip A Dead Horse
04 Architect
05 Swing

She Has A Fashion Vice - A White Dress to Match Her White Eyes

image 1

Año/Year: 2009
País/Country: USA
Genero/Genre: Metalcore, Post-Hardcore

01 Nice To Meet You
02 Ash, You can't Keep Playing Your Cards Forever
03 We Had to Kill Her With Her Own Shoes
04 Pwnd With An RCP-90
05 Portrait Lovers
06 Double Cross Your Fingers
07 Skywalker Can't Save This Princess